I have been making jewelry for the past 5 years or so – before that I dabbled in basket weaving, sewing, helping friends decorate their homes, pick out paint colors, etc etc – in other words…have been creating something for most of my life. In addition to that, I have always held a “bill paying” job – jobs that require me to be very detailed, extremely organized – what I describe as “painting within the lines” type of work. So, to be able to go into my studio and throw all caution to the wind to come up with jewelry pieces that I hope you will love completes an already perfect day (most days!!)

My jewelry is made primarily of copper sheet or wire and I create and design all of the pieces myself. Why copper?? Copper can be transformed into unique jewelry by adding different patinas, glazes and textures. By applying a cold patina, a cuff could be a warm bronze color or a verdigris color. After etching a design into a copper sheet, I could make a pendant and add a deep blue glaze to it. I could also use a torch and heat the metal until it turns a dark reddish purple color. And using various hammers and other tools, I can texture the copper to create even more interesting designs and shapes. Add glass enamel to a copper piece and you have a pair of earrings that stand out in a crowd.

I use fine silver, brass and other metals along with semi precious stones to further enhance and add dimension to my jewelry creations.

Over time, my jewelry has evolved into a more “organic” look. It has been said that everything we do reflects our personality to some extent – and my cuffs, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings really do. They are not small, refined pieces – my jewelry is big, bold and eclectic with rough edges and bright colors.

I hope you enjoy wearing it as much as I do creating it – nothing wards off stress as much as a bringing a hammer down on a piece of metal!!!!